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Course Overview

Are you passionate about providing the best patient care? Do you want to advance your knowledge and understanding of nursing procedures? Then this is the course for you! The Advanced Small Animal Nursing Course focuses on the technical side of veterinary nursing, what we do, why it is done and how to advance our skills and abilities. Areas covered include emergency, surgical and medical procedures through to patient advocacy and nurse consultations. This course will provide the basis to fulfill your passion to learn and introduce advanced patient nursing skills within the workplace. 

Vet Nurse Technician

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Course Delivery Information

Advanced Small Animal Nursing is conducted as part-time correspondence based study. All students will be given a study timetable upon enrolment which outlines their units of study, due dates and specific requirements for assessment. Upon completion of all course requirements, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and an Academic Transcript which documents their individual outcomes. Each student will be assigned to a Training Coordinator, who will be available for one on one student support. Your training coordinator will check in with you on a monthly basis, however will be available via email or phone should you ever need help with your course. Learn more about the the AIRC team.

Countries Offered

Australia. International students, please contact us to discuss availability. 

Who is this suitable for?

If you have a passion for ultimate patient care and advancing education and training within the workplace – then this is the course for you!

The Advanced Small Animal Nursing course requires that you have access and regular exposure to patients, clients, consults, medical and surgical cases, veterinary staff, nursing, administrative duties, practice policies, procedures, and customer service experiences.

Entry Requirements

The pre-requisites for this course include:

  • Current Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
  • Have completed at least 4-5 years in the veterinary industry
  • Minimum 25 hours paid work in a veterinary clinic/hospital
  • Reliable internet access and an email address

This course allows enrolments once a month. There are no intakes in December.

Technical Vet Nurse

Units of Study

All 8 units must be completed

ASANOO1 – Perform Patient Evaluation and Triage procedures

This unit covers both the process of performing a general initial patient examination and history collation prior to a veterinary consultation and the initial assessment of an emergency/trauma patient. It details the aims and objectives of triage and commonly used triage categories.

Elements of Competency:

  • Source and Record Patient history
  • Perform and Document Detailed Patient Physical Examination
  • Perform and document Emergency Patient Evaluation
  • Knowledge, understanding and ability to perform Triage

ASANOO2 – Coordinate and Perform Medical Procedures

This unit covers commonly performed medical procedures within the veterinary workplace; including fluid therapy, urinary catheter placement and care, enteral nutrition and care of the patient following a medical procedure.

Elements of Competency:

  • Coordinate and Perform Fluid Therapy Procedures, including blood transfusions
  • Monitor and record fluid input and output
  • Coordinate and perform indwelling urinary catheter placement and care
  • Perform and monitor enteral nutrition procedures

ASANOO3 – Perform and apply Pathological procedures to Disease pathophysiology

This unit covers the use of diagnostic pathology procedures to assist in the diagnosis of patient disease, including haematology and biochemistry diagnostic tests and their relation to the pathophysiology of certain diseases.

Elements of Competency:

  • Fundamentals of disease and Transmission
  • Coordinate and perform pathological tests to assist disease diagnosis
  • Coordinate veterinary treatments for disease processes
  • Administering Medications

ASANOO4 – Coordinate and perform Imaging and Specific Clinic Procedures

This unit covers the use of imaging and specific diagnostic clinical procedures, including radiography, ultrasonography, the use of electrocardiograms and endoscopic procedures.

Elements of Competency:

  • Prepare and Assist with Radiographic Procedures
  • Prepare and Assist with Specific Clinic Procedures

ASANOO5 – Manage and Perform First Aid Procedures to Sustain Life

This unit covers first aid (both client advice and veterinary nurse actions) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to enable the student to manage and perform first aid procedures to sustain life.

Elements of Competency:

  • Provide advice and implement first Aid procedures
  • Prepare for emergency response
  • Perform and assist in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

ASANOO6 – Manage and Perform Surgical Nursing Procedures

This unit covers the surgical nursing procedures required for non-routine surgical procedures, including theatre preparation, specialised surgical instruments, patient care pre, peri and post-operatively. Emphasis is placed on the emergency / trauma patient and special consideration required.

Elements of Competency:

  • Conduct admission processes for surgical procedures
  • Prepare the theatre environment
  • Perform specific pre-operative procedures
  • Monitor anaesthesia
  • Manage equipment cleaning and maintenance

ASANOO7 – Manage and Perform Patient Nursing and Follow-up Procedures

This unit covers the importance of patient nursing plans and follow-up procedures. Including the development and implementation of nursing care plans and the coordination and running of nurse clinics.

Elements of Competency:

  • Manage hospitalised Patients
  • Provide specific Patient Care
  • Manage outpatients and nurse Consultations
  • Provide Grief Support

ASANOO8 – Provide Training within the Workplace

This unit covers the implementation of training to other staff members within the workplace, including preparing for a training session, methods of presentation and feedback techniques.

Elements of Competency:

  • Establish effective work environment for learning
  • Develop a work-based learning pathway
  • Establish the learning-facilitation relationship
  • Implement work-based learning pathway
  • Maintain and develop learning relationship
  • Close and evaluate learning relationship
  • Monitor and review work-based learning pathway


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This course is not eligible for Australian Government Traineeships or Incentives.

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